Friday, July 3, 2015

Beyond the Nail - Eclipse

I've got a bunch of new polishes to share with you guys!
This polish is called Eclipse! It's a gorgeous holographic lavender jelly filled with holographic moon and purple hex glitters. I used three coats to achieve this opacity. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day! (2015)


Hello everyone! Today I'm celebrating Canada Day by going out and watching fireworks at City Hall! @mrsveenails & @nailexperiments on instagram organized a Canadian themed nail collaboration, so I thought I'd join in since I always do my nails for Canada Day.

I painted my pinky, middle finger, & thumb with three thin coats of Beyond the Nail - Red Microglitter. On my ring finger and index finger, I used two coats of Beyond the Nail - Winter Wonderland. When everything was dry, I placed a couple of Maple Leaf nail decals over my ring finger, and cut off any parts of the decals that were hanging off of my nails. I topped each nail off with PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat, and placed a rhinestone (that I bought off ebay) at the top of each nail.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Neon Gradient Tips pt. 2

Hi everyone! I really liked my nails that I did earlier this week, so I decided to recreate it but in a different colour! It's also perfect because it goes so well with the Canadian Beauty Blogger's theme for the month which is NEON!
I started by placing a French Manicure Nail Guide onto each of my nails. I got a makeup sponge and painted on Beyond the Nail's Neon Orange & Neon Pink to the edge of it and dabbed it onto my nails. I did this 3 times to ensure opacity. I got a thin brush and lined each french tip with Beyond the Nail - Holographic Silver Microglitter. After it was dry, I topped it off with PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat

Taken with flash so you can see the HOLO!

Taken with flash so you can see the HOLO!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Neon Gradient Tips

Hi everyone! This month the Canadian Beauty Blogger's theme is NEON!
I decided to do another look since it's summer and neon is always in

Since my nails are on the longer side, I decided to paint only the tips of my nails. I started by placing a French Manicure Nail Guide onto each of my nails. I got a makeup sponge and painting on Beyond the Nail's Neon Blue & Neon Purple to the edge of it and dabbed it onto my nails. I did this 3 times to ensure opacity. After it was dry, I topped it off with PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat

All of Beyond the Nail`s neon polishes!

Friday, June 12, 2015

15% off Beyond the Nail

Sale ends: Friday June 19, 2015.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Birthday Gift from Sephora

More birthday gifts! Every year Sephora gives all Beauty Insider's a free birthday gift. This year they gifted two Nars lip pencils. The red shade is called Cruella and it's a scarlet red velvet matte lip pencil. The pink shade is called Rikugien and it's a rose pink satin lip pencil.

I always wanted to try out a matte lip pencil and I'm glad I get to try out Nars' Cruella. I don't know if I would get a lot of wear from it though because red lipsticks don't look good on me. I will wear Rikugien though, it looks so natural on!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses

For my birthday, my mom bought me new sunglasses! I actually broke the two pairs I had so I needed new ones.. they were cheap ones that I had picked up from Forever21 & an old pair that I got from Firmoo. I get a lot of headaches/migraines and the sun really bothers me when I'm outside - especially when driving, so I wanted to invest in a good pair of sunglasses (Who knew sunglasses were so expensive!?).

After going to what feels like a million stores and trying on sunglasses after sunglasses.. I picked up these beautiful sunglasses from Polaroid! They have a contemporary feminine shape with crystal strass and metal studs on temple. New UltrasightTM High quality polarized lens. R-xable frame.

They're a bit too big for my face, BUT I love them! They block out so much of the sunlight and I don't find that my eyes hurt from wearing them. I made sure that they were polarized so it would eliminate glare from the snow, water, and road surfaces - which will definitely help my eyes and prevent me from getting headaches. But to be honest... I think the rhinestones on the sides of the glasses is actually what sold me... If I could live my life in glitter & rhinestones, I would. No shame.

Floral Advanced Stamping

Hey everyone! I decided to do some advanced stamping for my birthday! I tried it before once, and it turned out okay, so I wanted to do it again! I started by painting my nails two coats of Beyond the Nail - Winter Wonderland. With my stamper, I picked a design from my MoYou Stamping Plate from the Pro XL Collection 10. I got Beyond the Nail - Deep Black and used that as my stamping polish. I picked out my design and stamped with it, but left the design to dry onto the stamper. I got a tiny brush and coloured it in using various Beyond the Nail polishes (Pink - Pink Lady, Mint - Mojito, Purple -  Moonshine, Blue - Asteroid, Beige - Champagne). I went over it with Essence - Absolute Pure when it was dried and let that sit to dry. I peeled it off my stamper and placed it onto my ring finger and topped it off with PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Birthday Hair by BloBar

Happy Birthday to ME!
This weekend I decided to treat myself by getting my hair done at Blo Bar! The Blo Bar specializes in blo outs and hair styling. I've been to the Blo Bar twice before (my first experience was through ChickAdvisor when they had an event where members got their hair done for free! My second experience was a couple years ago when I went for my birthday). 

This year, I saw they had a new Braid Menu and I've always wanted a waterfall braid, so I asked them to do loose curls with that braid. My stylist did a great job and I think it turned out amazing! My hair is on the frizzy side, so when I got home I just had to fix it up a bit with some hairspray. 

What do you guys think? 
Sorry about all the different lighting in my photos.. my camera and the flash/natural lighting didn't want to co-operate.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Who says Beer can't be GIRLY?

Hey everyone! I am loving our new Summer Cocktail Collection a little too much.. so I'm sure you're all sick of seeing my posts haha.

My sister cut me out a bunch of the cocktail nail decals and these Gold Beer Nail Decals have been staring at me all week. I knew I wanted to use them, but I didn't know what for. So I decided to go for a gradient! That's my easy way to make it look like I tried to do nail art haha.

I started by painting all my nails with one thin coat of Beyond the Nail - Champagne. Since it's such a sheer polish, I wanted to make sure I had a good base of it on before sponging on my gradient. When it was dried, I got a sponge and layered on Beyond the Nail's Champagne & Pink Lady onto it and started sponging on my gradient. I ended up doing 3 layers of the gradient so that the colours would be intense. When everything was dry, I placed a Beer Nail Decal (in gold) on my ring finger and topped every nail with PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat.

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