ColourPop - Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

For the past month I've really been wanting a liquid lipstick. I keep seeing everyone wearing them! A lot of people on twitter suggested in getting ColourPop, & since they're such a good price I wouldn't be totally upset if I ended up hating them. I ended up buying 2 Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, and 1 Lippie Stix. My sister also bought 2 Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks as well (hers are the darker shades pictured above!).

I picked the Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless & Solow, and the Lippie Stix in Lumière.

Clueless is described as adusty mauve pink. When I wear it, it looks like it has a purple tint to it which could just be because of my skin tone. Doesn't matter anyways, because it's my favourite colour of the 3 I picked!

Solow is described as a neutral nude pink. When I wear it, it appears as a bright pink. I wish it was a bit more "nude" only because it's a little bright for me.

 Lumière is described as a dusty mauve pink in a matte finish. I feel like it went on more darker than described or shown on the website, but I still really like it. It's the perfect colour for everyday wear.

Outdoor Shots
Indoor Shots


I bought these products from
Do you guys have any products from ColourPop? I want to order again but the exchange rate and shipping to Canada was expensive.

Indoor Shot - Solow

Pumpkins & Glitter

Oh man, I went a little overboard with my nails today. It seemed like a good idea in my head, but I'm not sure if I like this look now that I see it in real life. I think I just don't like it because the pumpkin decals don't stick out as much as I'd like.

I started by painting all my nails (except my ring finger) with two coats of Beyond the Nail - Black Hole. On my ring finger, I sponged on two coats of Beyond the Nail - Spooktacular. I sponged it on rather than painting it on because I could achieve a better glitter pay-off by doing this than having to paint it 3 times. I used the same polish for a cascading glitter effect from the top of each of my other nails. I added two coats of PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat to my ring finger because the glitter just soaks it up. I placed on some Pumpkin Decals around my nail, cut off the excess decal that was hanging over the nail, and added another coat of topcoat.

Irresistible Me - Sapphire 8-in-1 Curler Review

It's been a month since I posted about my hair extensions from Irresistible Me. I had received their Silky Touch - 18" Platinum Blonde extensions - you can see my review, and my before & after photos of them straight or curly

I was recently sent their Sapphire 8-in-1 Curler to review for you guys! It has 8 different interchangeable barrels, which can give you a ton of different looks. Each barrel is ceramic & tourmaline infused. The sizes that are included are 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 18/9mm, 25/13mm, 13/25mm and a pearl wand (which gives off more of a natural curl). It also heats up to 230C/250F, and included a heat resistant glove to ensure you don't burn your fingers! The whole set of barrels, the wand, and the glove came in a heat resistant pouch that held everything in their own little compartment.

When first holding the wand itself it felt really light, and sort of cheap. But after putting in one of the barrels, it felt really sturdy and had a good weight to it. It has a LED screen that blinks the word "OFF" until you hold the power button to turn it on. It shows the temperature the wand is at, and when you select what temperature you want it to be, it will gradually get hotter and show you. It goes from a blue screen to a green screen when it's at the temperature you set. I tested it out for the first time, and it took 39 seconds to heat up! How crazy is that?

Results using the 32mm Barrel

Results using the 13mm Barrel

Results by brushing out the 13mm Curls

Overall, I really love this curling wand! I've been using it so much since I received it. I haven't even picked up my straightener. This curler has left my hair soft, shiny and so smooth. It heats up quickly, and stays hot the entire time I am using it. 

The Sapphire 8-in-1 Curler is $199 USD, but definitely worth it! You're getting 8 curling wands, a heat resistant pouch & glove, and a little stand for the wand. This product is definitely something I would recommend in getting and will continue using it for a very long time!

Check out Irresistible Me on their various channels below:

Halloween Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails

Broadway Nails has released their Halloween Collection Press-On Nails! It includes 6 different patterns. If you haven't heard of Broadway Nails before, they're a leading value brand for all consumer artificial nails and accessories.

Have you guys ever tried these out? They're an easy and quick way to get your nails done at home. All you need to do is pick out a nail that fits the size of each of your nails, peel off the plastic backing and stick onto your nails!  I almost always have gel nails on since I have a bad habit of biting my nails (& they're very thin to begin with). But a year or two ago, I decided to stop getting my nails done for a while to give them a break, and I wore a couple of Broadway Nail's Press-On Nails so I could still have long nails. They were really good quality and lasted for up to a week before the first nail started to peel off.

Each pack of Broadway Nail's Press-On Nails comes with a total of 24 nails in 12 sizes. They stick onto your nails using SafeHold Adhesive Technology which won't damage your natural nails.

All these are available for $9 each at: Pharmasave, Lawtons, London Drugs. Jean Coutu, Brunet, Proxim, and Uniprix.

Fright Night
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I was sent these products for free to share on my blog.

Halloween Mani Collaboration: Bats!

Taken with flash so you can see the HOLO!
Hey everyone! Now that the 31 Daily Nail Art Challenge is over, here come all the HALLOWEEN nails! Amy (from newkeybeauty) & I have collaborated on a Halloween themed manicure, featuring bats!

I started by sponging on a gradient onto my nails using Beyond the Nail - Solar Flare and Beyond the Nail - Black Hole. I didn't want to have such strong colours, so I only sponged on about 3 coats to keep it light. Especially since these are jelly polishes, it wasn't hard to get them to this consistency. I added one coat of PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat to each nail and added black rhinestones (that I got off Ebay years ago) to my pinky and thumb while it was still wet. When my other nails dried, I added some Bat Nail Decals to them. I also added another coat of topcoat to seal in the decals.

Check out Amy's blog to see her nails!